A Small Kennel that prides itself in the level of care given to all our hounds. Every hound is on a strict worming and Vaccination schedule. Frontline Plus is applied monthly. Facilities cleaned daily. Hounds and Puppies Guaranteed Healthy
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Welcome to Burn 'Em Up Kennel. We are a small kennel located in Eastern Kansas, about an hour south of the greater Kansas City area. We strive to have some of the nicest AKC registered Hunting Beagles around. We are not a puppy mill and only breed as needed for personal use. On some rare occasions we will have a hound or pup for sale.
We are hunters and spend many days in the field gun hunting. All our hounds have many rabbits harvested over them. 
We strive to be the friendliest, most honest, Folks around!
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The Spini's

This picture of Epi and Brian on a Central Kansas Rabbit Hunt, with our late stud dog Jim and Dooley. It was taken by Mike Quinn. It made the cover of the Rabbit Hunter Magazine. Brian submits rabbit hunting and trialing articles for the magazine from time to time.

This is Jim again on the cover of The Rabbit Hunter magazine. This photo was from a Gundog Pack Trial Jim won.
Brian & Epi Spini with our late Stud dog Jim and his sister Magic

Brian and Epi staging at a field trial in Ashgrove MO.